DevOps Implementation & Migration

Accelerate DevOps with expert GitHub Enterprise implementation

Increase product delivery speeds, encourage agile working processes, and connect previously siloed teams. Whether you're new to DevOps or migrating from another toolset—our certified experts will quickly get you set up and trained up the right way.


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Modernise your DevOps without impacting your customer experience

The truth is whether you're implementing DevOps for the first time or migrating over, the process is highly complex and resource intensive. There are many pitfalls which can compromise security, set your team back months, and disrupt customers.

So why not avoid all this, speed up the process, and get set up the right way?

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How GitHub Enterprise can transform your workflows and processes

Secure your
supply chain icon

Secure your
supply chain

GitHub automatically detects and highlights security issues as developers code. Which means issues get fixed early, workflows get faster, and the end product is more secure.

your workflows Icon

your workflows

Significantly reduce the time it takes to test and update code with automated actions. Free up developers to spend more time on building and improving features.

Code faster with 
GitHub Copilot X Image

Code faster with GitHub Copilot X

Harness GitHub's new AI-powered code completion tool. which: quickly finds and fixes bugs, explains code, generates unit tests, supports pull requests, and more.

Deploy community resources icon

Deploy community resources

Benefit from industry-leading best practices, tools, and support shared by top DevOps teams from around the world in GitHub's community. Plus gain access to GitHub's huge talent pool.

Why partner with Talk Think Do?

Flexible, agile delivery

Ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime according to best practices. We work flexibly with clients across a range of industries, delivering DevOps setup all the way through to ongoing managed support services (DevOps-as-a-service).

Get a free 30-min consultation

Move at a pace that suits you

Think Do has attained multiple Microsoft Solution Partner designations over the years, including the DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure specialisation—after repeatedly demonstrating deep technical capabilities and successful customer outcomes.

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Enhanced data protection

We follow all data security protocols, and work according to a range of international data protection requirements. Plus, our certified data protection officer conducts regular risk assessments to ensure your new application is compliant with your industry's regulations.

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“Talk Think Do has provided us with a unique balance of strategic guidance, enhanced governance and “make it happen” capabilities, which means we can scale our digital ambitions with confidence. The team are experienced, practical, people who quickly cut to the important issues.”

Colin Waggett, CEO


Our 3-step DevOps Implementation & Migration process

From the initial discovery to application build, every stage of the development process is tailored to you.

The entire process takes between 7-12 weeks depending on your needs.


Planning & Design

  1. First, we review and score your current processes against our proven assessment criteria.
  2. We share our recommendations.
  3. We walk you through everything you need to know, including the design, costs, and what's involved.
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Building out your new target
DevOps environment

Our DevOps experts:

  • Create your new instance of GitHub Enterprise
  • Handle all your licensing requirements
  • Ensure user security and best practice configuration is in place
  • Prepare all the documentation for you
  • Configure Copilot for Business (GitHub's AI-powered code completion tool) and GitHub Advanced Security.


DevOps Migration & Handover

For those migrating from another DevOps toolset to GitHub Enterprise – we help you:

  • Migrate your source code repositories
  • Build out your existing pipelines in GitHub Enterprise
  • Set up deployments monitoring and reporting
  • Ensure your engineers have the requisite toolset

And whether you're new to DevOps or you're migrating over, we'll support your team throughout the transition. This includes 30 days of post go-live training and support—to ensure the handover is smooth and efficient.

We also provide ongoing support should you need it.

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With DevOps Specialization

Accredited with

DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure Specialization

Your extended team of experts

Our permanent, onshore team takes the time to understand your company’s goals, customers, and tech requirements. Here's who will help bring your vision to life:

Flow Chart

Solutions Architect

First, they review where you're at. Then, they plan and design your target DevOps environment - all while overseeing progress, compliance and costs.


DevOps Engineer

Implements and migrates your data and processes over to GitHub Enterprise. They ensure everything is set up securely and efficiently.

Delivery Manager Icon

Delivery Manager

Your main point of contact. They plan and manage resources to make sure your DevOps environment is delivered on time and on budget.


QA Engineer

Conducts unit, integration and functional tests to make sure code performs as expected and high standards are met.

Frequently asked questions

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a collaborative approach that combines development and operations teams to expedite software delivery. It bridges the gap between software development, quality assurance, and IT operations— enabling organisations to deliver software faster, more reliably, and to higher quality.

What's the difference between GitHub and GitHub Enterprise?

GitHub is a cloud-based platform that enables users to create repositories, collaborate, and utilise various features without the need for infrastructure management. Conversely, GitHub Enterprise empowers organisations to deploy and oversee their own instance of GitHub on their private infrastructure.

How much does it cost?

The cost of your DevOps environment set up will vary depending on the project scope. Visit our pricing page to learn about our standard plans and contracts.

How do we choose between GitHub and ADO?

Both tools offer many of the same benefits, especially since Microsoft bought GitHub in 2018. However, many developers prefer GitHub Enterprise because: it's easier to use, it has superior security features, and it's more flexible.

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"Talk Think Do were very strategic and intelligent in the way that they set it up right from the beginning—allowing us to make leaps forward."

Bill Mills, CEO

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Get an elite target DevOps environment tailored to your business

Setting up DevOps by yourself may add months to the process. What's more, your customer experience will be at risk. However, working with a trusted partner will ensure all best practices are met - first time.

Reduce your time to market. Secure your DevOps pipeline. Automate your workflows. And experience greater team collaboration with GitHub Enterprise.

Schedule free 30-minute consultation with
one of our experts for:

  • A discussion around your current situation and business needs
  • Timeline and cost estimates
  • Clear next steps

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