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Team up with a designated Microsoft Solutions Partner who designs, builds, and manages custom enterprise software – on Microsoft Azure and GitHub Enterprise. Don't let software hold your organisation back any longer.

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Custom enterprise software expertly designed, built and managed

When you partner with us you'll benefit from a quick, direct communication line with our team (which includes engineers). What's more, we give you accurate cost estimates and timescales at the beginning. Plus, we involve and update you at every stage.


Cloud-Native Application Development

Achieve greater flexibility, faster time to market, and higher scalability. Get custom cloud software that quickly adapts with your business.

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DevOps Implementation & Migration

Secure your supply chain, accelerate workflows, and unsilo teams. Get an elite target GitHub Enterprise environment set up by certified experts

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Custom OpenAI Development

Uncover the potential hidden within your business data with AI. Harness it before your competition and become leaders in your space.

Experts in Microsoft Azure & cloud-native architecture

Transformation Through Technology Gold Award

Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Competency

Before & after custom cloud solutions

Before: Are legacy systems holding your business back?

Did you know that in the long run, relying on legacy systems can significantly inhibit your business growth? Data security, management, and threats of breach are also real concerns for businesses – equating to millions in lost revenue. The chief cause? Teams continue to work with slow, outdated, disparate systems.

Whilst you may be aware of this, businesses often opt for quick solutions that in the short term reduce downtime, improve ops efficiency and don’t break the bank. The issue is these only provide a temporary fix. Plus, you’re missing out on the tremendous benefits that cloud solutions can offer your business.

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After: Reduce risk, improve collaboration & enable faster growth

Think of us as your cloud solutions partner. Here’s a high level view of our proven process:

  • First, we work with you to understand your needs and the scope of the project.
  • Second, we assemble the perfect team of engineers, architects, and managers to help plan and deliver the results you’re after.
  • We’ll then get to work on bringing your cloud solutions to life, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.
  • Plus, get cost-effective ongoing support that flexes with your needs for as long as you need.

“Talk Think Do has provided us with a unique balance of strategic guidance, enhanced governance and “make it happen” capabilities, which means we can scale our digital ambitions with confidence. The team are experienced, practical, people who quickly cut to the important issues.”

Colin Waggett, CEO

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Cloud solutions that adapt & grow with your business

  • Discuss your current application challenges or requirements with with one of our experts.
  • Get clear recommendations on opportunities for innovation and modernisation, or how you can benefit from our support service.
  • Get guidance on your required budget.
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