Webinar: Future of EdTech


In October 2020, we held our very first webinar and tackled some of the issues that are currently being faced in the EdTech space. We focused on how UK Schools were suddenly forced to provide remote learning, with no time to prepare due to Covid-19 and how it has sadly left children falling behind as a lockdown forced us ALL to learn how to use new technology.

We spoke to key contributors in the industry who shared their thoughts on the current situation and provided examples from their own experiences.

Bill Mills, Founder & CEO of Explore Learning explained that before covid-19, everything happened in-centre for his target children aged 5-14 years, but following the onset of the pandemic, he quickly adapted his business to the circumstances. Bill shared that Explore Learning had enjoyed rolling out a blended learning approach and that his curriculum software tools are interactive and highly engaging.

Robert Belgrave, CEO of Wirehive also shared that one of the projects he has recently done with Wirehive is with The University of Surrey. He explained that most universities are backwards in their technology journey and haven’t got there yet in their digital transformation. He explained that the University of Surrey wanted to move all of their technology on to the cloud meaning that they became scalable and more cost effective to run.

We also answered some questions from attendees about interactive learning, blended and flipped learning, accessibility and security.


You can watch the full webinar video to see how the conversation progressed and to make sure that you don’t miss out on our next webinar, follow us on LinkedIn!

If you want to find out more about how technology can help your business grow and offer a more personalised learning experience, please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss how we can help.

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