The Top Five Benefits of Enterprise Mobile Apps

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In our modern world, mobile devices have become ubiquitous in both social and business contexts. Businesses are benefiting from the flexibility and efficiency of mobile apps. This is being driven by intelligent cloud technology. In this blog, we’ll explore the top five benefits that businesses can unlock when they develop enterprise mobile apps.

1. Access information anywhere

Mobile devices make our lives easier by keeping us in the loop wherever we are. In a business context, this is a great benefit. It provides extra value from the time workers spend travelling, allows them to work on their own schedules and makes business information available from any location.

If there’s essential information your employees need access to, they need to be able to access it from any secured device. An enterprise mobile app helps employees overcome both personal and professional time management challenges, improving their productivity and work output. Instead of needing to call a colleague, travel to the office, or request that the information be forwarded by email, the information can simply be accessed from within a secure app interface.

2. Improved collaboration

Business communications haven’t always been easy. Emails can be forgotten or ignored, phone calls can be difficult to arrange around time zones, and faxes have gone the way of the dinosaur. But, today, business communications have taken a leaf out of consuming-facing apps’ books and embraced video chat, instant messaging and instant file transfers.

Enterprise mobile apps can integrate your business’s methods of communication, making it easy to carry on conversations via text, phone call and video as needed. With an internet connection and an enterprise mobile app, no matter where an employee is, they’re able to communicate with co-workers.

3. Process optimisation

Businesses are embracing new digital solutions but paper-based processes continue to slow them down. With the advent of digital workflows, it’s easy to create streamlined processes in just a few clicks, taking completion time to minutes rather than hours. Thanks to a proliferation of intelligent technology, it’s easier than ever to develop an enterprise mobile app that meets any business need. For example:

  • eSignature capabilities within workflows eliminate the bottleneck of waiting for signoff, simplifying approval processes.
  • Data analysis can be automated using AI, saving hours of manual work while reducing human error.
  • Digital forms help both employees and customers give feedback instantly, ensuring that problems can be addressed immediately.

4. Stronger analytical capabilities

A business’s digital environment generates an astonishing amount of helpful data. But this data is only useful if you can process it correctly. When an enterprise mobile app is built properly, it’s able to use this data to track important metrics within your business, helping you understand how to optimise your operations. Building your own enterprise mobile app allows you to tailor your app to meet business needs while modifying and improving it as time goes on.

Understanding the way that employees interact with applications and complete tasks can help businesses identify inefficiencies within the app itself. With key back-end data, real time updates and dashboard reporting, it’s simple for relevant managers to track KPIs and usage across the business.

5. Increased customer satisfaction

An enterprise mobile app doesn’t just simplify employees’ lives, it simplifies customers’ lives too. Today, customers expect seamless and personalised experiences with the organisations and brands they choose. Mobile apps make it far easier for business to meet these expectations.

When a business introduces an enterprise mobile app, there are many immediate benefits for customers. Eliminating paper-based processes and digitising forms enables a significantly quicker turnaround for customer-based workflows. An intelligent app UI that enables customers to complete simple tasks from their devices can greatly improve experiences. Issues can be identified and resolved faster, keeping interactions with customers positive while building stronger relationships.

Create your perfect enterprise mobile app

Enterprise mobile apps can transform your business, but it’s not a ‘one-size fits all’ scenario. That’s where we come in.

Talk Think Do build software solutions that considers your specific business needs and goals. In our discovery phase, we’ll get under the hood of your business and understand exactly how it runs. It’s what allows us to build truly tailored and effective enterprise mobile apps that support your business goals. With years of expertise in enterprise application development, we can help your business take the next steps into a more productive future.

To find out more about what Talk Think Do can build for your business, get in touch today.

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